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       Detoxing Weight Loss:
      A Journey to a new you...
        21 pounds in 21 days!

Would you like to do a weight loss detox that helps you do exactly that?

Its true!  And I am over the top excited! I have just lost 21 pounds in 21 days!  I haven't been this weight since high school!

... AND IT WASN'T JUST ME!  One of my friends joined me in testing this program. He too lost 21 pounds in 21 days!  And Chiropracter, Lori Rogers, with whom I share an office in Sausalito, CA,  has tried every diet with LITTLE OR NO success.She is totally jubilant!  She's already lost thirteen (13) pounds and can't believe its really happening this time for her.  This program is so easy to follow, and the weight comes off so quickly you can't help but be inspired, and want everyone to know about Rejuvenation!!
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Learn how Hypnosis will put YOU in control, end the cravings and binge eating, and make you love to exercise.
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A Journey to a new you...
21 pounds in 21 days!

Would you like to do a weight loss detox that helps you do exactly that?

"Surviving is Important.  Thriving is elegant."  
Maya Angelou

InnerFitness asserts that health is a necessity to promote the fullness of life.  Regeneration and renewal are natural processes.   Imbalances occur that naturally arise out of modern living. 

Most of us come into this world with a "core of health" and a system to restore it when out of balance. InnerFitness Programs are results driven; designed to use high impact, leading edge technologies, techniques and products to restore balance.  

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